Friday, July 29, 2011

String Theory

Chris Duncan: Patterns & Light at Halsey McKay

Last chance to see the shimmering reflections, endless prisms and luscious, radiant color of Oakland based artist Chris Duncan. His work is smart and seductive in the way it draws you inside -- it is meditative without being ecclesiastical, deductive but not analytical. 

Duncan's installation is dazzling and refreshing. It possesses an elusiveness that keeps viewers guessing all the way through. It's especially smart in the way it borrows from Robert Smithson and Pink Floyd at the same time; contemplates Buckminster Fuller, Brancusi and Fred Sandback all at once but somehow manages to retain its own playfulness and wide-eyed curiosity. 

I like this work. Last weekend to check it out -- and try to see it at night, too. It's completely magical.

Prism Schism, 2011

a little cosmic dust....

window treatment...
mystical packing tape -- how cool is that?
mirrors are fascinating

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