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Claire Watson
Anthony Giordano Gallery
Dowling College, Oakdale, NY 
June 5 - July 17, 2011
Stunning sculptures and works on paper by Water Mill artist Claire Watson now on view -- we'll catch up with Claire next week.

more Claire Watson...

Carriage House Winter Residents 
Rob Swainston, Emily Noelle Lambert and Graham McNamara 
Islip Art Museum: 

francis alÿs: fabiola
schaulager at haus zum kirschgarten, basel, switzerland
march 12th - august 28th, 2011

'fabiola', francis alÿs's collection of over 370 portraits of saint fabiola, is on exhibition with schaulager

'fabiola', by belgian-born, mexico-based artist
francis alÿs, opens march 12th as the 2011 public exhibition
of switzerland's schaulager museum. for the first time ever, the foundation has chosen to hold the exhibition
in a space outside of the münchenstein' schaulager building, selecting instead the haus zum kirschgarten in basel.

'fabiola' is alÿs's collection of over 370 reproduced renditions of jean-jacques henner's 1885 portrait of saint fabiola.

most of the pieces are paintings on canvas, but others are needlework or painted on velvet or other materials.
all are amateur creations, collected by alÿs over the course of fifteen years from flea markets, junk stores, and estates.

a patrician house still furnished in 18th century bourgeois style, the site of the haus zum kirschgarten

provides an interesting setting for the installation of the many-hundred inexpensive reproductions of the saint,
who is incidentally the patron of difficult marriages and abuse victims.

preview of the installation space

ever expanding, alÿs's collection currently consists of over 370 reproductions

closer view of a needlepoint and painted portrait in the collection


iván navarro: heaven or las vegas
paul kasmin gallery, new york

march 3rd to april 2nd, 2011

'heaven or las vegas' by iván navarro
images by mark markin / courtesy of paul kasmin gallery

brooklyn based, chilean artist, iván navarro has created 'heaven or las vegas'
a collection of neon light wall sculptures that are built from the floor plans of
twelve of the world's most iconic skyscrapers, including the flatiron building
in new york and the jumeirah emirates towers in dubai.

'rhyme, rival' (jumeirah emirates towers, dubai)

chosen not only for their ambitious innovations in engineering and design, but
also for their historical relevance and influence, the series features western-style
structures that range in scale and span the world.

'rhyme, rival' (jumeirah emirates towers, dubai)

through a positioned play of mirrors and light, viewers have the experience of
looking up into the interior volumes and contours of each building. suspended
within each piece is a simple phrase - such as surrender or abandon - which echo,
like subtle commands through the illusory depth of each object. 

untitled (sears tower, chicago)

installation view of empire state building and 'burden' (lotte world tower, busan, south korea)

untitled (empire state building, new york city)

detail of empire state building

untitled (twin towers, new york city)

'desert' (columbia center, seattle)

'want' (citic plaza, guangzhou, china)

detail of 'want'

'sway' (grand gateway, shanghai, china)


detail of 'plunder'

'shelter' (the center, hong kong)

detail of 'shelter'

Courtesy stopping off place:


Ernst smoking / murals hidden under wallpaper, house in Eubonne / paintings in trees, 1939 / Ernst explaining how he gave Jackson Pollock the idea / Ernst in Kachina mask, Sedona, Arizona / Ernst painting Microbes / Microbes in matchbox / Ernst carvingstills from Max Ernst: A Film by Peter Schamoni, 1991 (Image Entertainment, DVD)



Andrei Rublev

Dennis Oppenheim 
Wishing the Mountains Madness, Missoula, Montana, 1977

thinking about Yves Klein...

Relief Sponge 3, 1960

Relief Sponge 39, 1960
Fire painting 13, c. 1960
La Vague, IKB 160, c. 1957
Fire painting 83, 1961

Peintures, 1954, 10 color plates with inscription to Mr. Oshita

Monogold 40, 1959
Monogold 7, 1960

 Anthropométrie suaire 21, 1960

Leap into the void, October 5, 1960

Whether they are conscious of it or not, nearly every artist I know has cloned an Yves Klein concept at one point or another. He was germane and expansive and ahead of the curve. 

Klein examined pictorial space in all its forms. In 1960 he turned to space itself -- the void -- and how he could best identify it, indeed, occupy it. His most renowned work on the void is Saut dans le vide, (Leap into the Void), a doctored photograph shot by Harry Shunk which Klein published in his one-day-only newspaper, Journal du Dimanche, (an early conceptual work dedicated to his ongoing research of "the void.")

 On November 27, 1960, the headline read, "A man in space! The painter of space throws himself into the void!" Klein wanted to come as close as possible to the interior of space. Although the photo was montaged from several images, Klein, a 4th Dan Judo Master, actually leaped from the building into a tarpaulin held by aloft by no less than 12 fellow Judokas.

“To paint space, I owe it to myself to go there, to that very space… without illusions or tricks, nor with a plane or a parachute or a rocket ship: [the painter of space] must go there by his own means, with an independent individual force, in a word, he must be capable of levitation.”  YK

Yves Klein died of a heart attack at age 34.

Yves Klein, the coolest guy in the room...

John Chamberlain at Paula Cooper:

things you might not know about balloons:

                                                                                                              The Honey Tree by Jason Hackenworth, Islip Art Museum, 2010
                                                                                                                                            Jason Hackenworth, The Honey Tree, 2010

Jason Hackenworth
Jason Hackenworth

Jason Hackenworth

the best balloon art ever
can bee seen at: 

curated by Karen Shaw

Islip Art Museum's Story Time, curator Karen Shaw
September 15-November 14 
Matthew Blackwell

Matthew Blackwell

Pritika Chowdry 

Judith Linhares

Leslee Nelson

Pat Lay

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