Sunday, April 29, 2012

no place like home

Antonio Petracca
...a few highlights from
curated by Karen Shaw

The dreamy logic of Darlene Charneco's depictions of complex organisms elicit visions of the utopic -- a sort of parallel universe where candy colored housing units thrive in an eternally healthy eco-system.

For William Carroll, long walks throughout the five boroughs of New York provide both subject matter and muse in a series of works that elucidate the urban geometries that characterize the city streets. 

Antonio Petracca samples elements of urban life that include its blight and decay as well as its function, industry and unlikely symmetries. 

Similarly, Corydon Cowandage examines the anonymity of urban/suburban sprawl in large format paintings of torqued perspectives, diminishing planes and the detail and beauty of roof tiles, vinyl siding and fencing. Cowandage's panoramas are expansive and dizzying.

Steven Millar builds networks that seem to multiply exponentially as if fueled by crystal technology. Like the 1960s song by Malvina Reynolds, Little Boxes, Millar's cubes examine "how we inhabit a space and how a space inhabits us." (excerpted from the artist's personal statement)

The show, which also includes E. E. Smith, Cheryl Molnar, Kim Beck, Noah Klersfeld, Travis Shaffer, Susan Wides and Grant Haffner, is on view through May 27th.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

surface value

focus on: Amanda Buonocore
winter resident at The Carriage House

Amanda Buonocore has been chipping away at the Carriage House walls this winter. The process, one of assiduous scraping and peeling, reveals layer upon layer of past artist residents, wall paintings and former installations. Hidden beneath decades of house paint, ghostly images emerge from more than 18 years of aesthetic decision making. 

At the Carriage House last weekend, Buonocore laughed about the shock of finding baby colors underneath the 108 year old walls.

The pentimentos that have emerged in the wake of Buonocore's meticulous...let's call it, restoration...possess a kind of exquisite sympatico with the likes of Pompeii, The Last Supper, and the intoxicating beauty of myriad peeling and aged facades throughout New York. 

visit Amanda's website:

The Carriage House, East Islip, NY
The Carriage House is one of the true gems in our area, focused exclusively on contemporary art and artists. Artist's residencies, projects and site-specific works are offered throughout the year. The Edwardian structure, built in 1904, is one of the last of its kind on Long Island. Visit often!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

desert flowers

Nebula Humilis by Lola Guerrera, 2012, images courtesy the artist

Lola Guerrera in the Mexican desert

courtesy designboom

From designboom: Spanish photographer Lola Guerrera has journeyed to the desert of Mexico in order to create her series 'Nebula Humilis'. The artist notes that
the excessive exploitation of natural resources in this particular region results from a world-wide encouraged materialism. This new interaction with
the desert has recently overridden the Mexican people's spiritual conception of this once-sacred space, bringing to the area a sense of imposed silence.
Guerrera's photographic series attempts to give a voice to this vast landscape.  


all images courtesy of the artist 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Particles to Plexus

A Forest, 2012, in the artist's East Hampton studio

Priscilla Heine, Particles to Plexus

curated by Janet Goleas

April 11 - May 27
Opening reception:  Sunday, April 22, 1-4pm

B: Early Momentum, 2010, oil on linen, F: Intimate Babushka, 2012, mixed media

Woman, 2011, in the artist' studio


Buddha Babe, 2010

Installation, Particles to Plexus; Top: Intimate Apparel, 2010, Lower: A Forest, 2012

Priscilla Heine