Thursday, April 26, 2012

surface value

focus on: Amanda Buonocore
winter resident at The Carriage House

Amanda Buonocore has been chipping away at the Carriage House walls this winter. The process, one of assiduous scraping and peeling, reveals layer upon layer of past artist residents, wall paintings and former installations. Hidden beneath decades of house paint, ghostly images emerge from more than 18 years of aesthetic decision making. 

At the Carriage House last weekend, Buonocore laughed about the shock of finding baby colors underneath the 108 year old walls.

The pentimentos that have emerged in the wake of Buonocore's meticulous...let's call it, restoration...possess a kind of exquisite sympatico with the likes of Pompeii, The Last Supper, and the intoxicating beauty of myriad peeling and aged facades throughout New York. 

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The Carriage House, East Islip, NY
The Carriage House is one of the true gems in our area, focused exclusively on contemporary art and artists. Artist's residencies, projects and site-specific works are offered throughout the year. The Edwardian structure, built in 1904, is one of the last of its kind on Long Island. Visit often!

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