Thursday, September 2, 2010

Aurel Schmidt at the Fireplace Project

Aurel Schmidt, Ecstasy Butterfly, 2010 
Seductive and sly, Aurel Schmidt's drawings are on view at the Fireplace Project through the weekend. For more fantastic images of Schmidt's pyrotechnics, fanaticism and grotesque whimsy, check out Tim Barber's If she's not already on your radar, she will be when you realize the depth of commitment in this body of work.

Spider Eyes, 2006

Four Seasons in One Head, Archimboldo  
Garbage Man, 2006

You can also read some very worthwhile material on Schmidt at the excellent site on her monograph, Maneater, published by Deitch Projects, available at

Vomit Comet, 2008
And...see my review of the show in today's East Hampton Star.                           JMG

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