Saturday, August 28, 2010

Maziar Behrooz at Salomon Contemporary Warehouse

In the unit: Maziar Behrooz (left) and Michael Halsband, (right)

When Maziar Behrooz's architectural sculpture, Rapid Deployment Functional Unit at Salomon Contemporary opened to the public, it was as if spaceship Behrooz had landed in East Hampton. Visitors couldn't wait to don blue booties and climb inside its glowing, minimal interior.  

"One of the challenges I had was to extract every sense of function that one would ordinarily associate with a building to bring the unit to a point where it is pre-functional," said Behrooz. "I want you to be able to project your own fantasy on the space."

By all indications, the award-winning architect did just that. People's reaction was vigorous, physical and interactive. It was as if this container, devoid of reference, was a modern oracle that spoke through a language that is elastic, open-minded, electric.

Look for my profile of Maziar in the September 2nd issue of the East Hampton StarJMG

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