Thursday, July 8, 2010


Welcome to my ruminations on contemporary art taking place here -- at the edge of the world -- on the East End of Long Island. Frustrated by the limitations of and access to ordinary media, I thought I'd dive into this so-called blogosphere where the possibilities seem to be endless, the cost is minimal, and I'm the editor. Who knows, maybe we'll start a conversation. 

Tonight: the opening of ArtHamptons at Sayre Park in Bridgehampton, now in its third year. The ubiquitous art fair seems to be a necessary evil nowadays, like reality TV. (Jerry Saltz, how could you!!) But I'll admit, conflicts, gripes and yawns aside, I have fun looking for a few delicious works of art, friends, ideas. Let's see how it goes tonight in this, my maiden voyage. More later...     JMG                                                              Art Hamptons

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