Sunday, July 25, 2010


The theme of last night's gala-extravaganza, Paradise, (dress code: Heavenly) was mitigated by the steamy hell that was the weather. That aside, it was fun. Here's the guerrilla greeter whose leaves were soaked with Wilson's new fragrance, WM: 

The forest was filled with installations from artists from everywhere; Australia, Thailand, Israel, Japan, Taiwan, Germany. They lined the path alongside smokey torches and tee pees, silver-slathered actors in slow motion, musicians perched high in the boughs of trees, iridescent performers inside string tents and, of course, pod people hanging from branches like sausages wrapped in twine:

I'm not entirely sure what this has to do with paradise, but, hey, there's a lid for every pot. 

So, here we were, at the party of the season. Fabulous costumes, great people watching, lots of art donated by generous artists and hot, gorgeous weirdness.              JMG

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