Friday, September 2, 2011

I know a place

 Islands of Memory 
at Art Solar

On the eve of hurricane Irene, the hale and hearty came out to celebrate new works by Darlene Charneco on view at Art Solar in East Hampton. Charneco's assemblages bounce between past and future tense -- think zip codes or district maps from a parallel universe -- as if the artist has gotten her hands on a live feed from another solar system. Hovering among pools of thick resin, geometric forms and tiny house-like shapes assemble into colonies or village communities. Skewed perspectives torque the imagery from proscenium to aerial views and back again. "Pushpins" dot each territory as if fixed on an area of special gravity. The results are fresh and sort of zippy, with subject/content/meaning that is frank and unfettered. At the same time there is something exceedingly covert here, as if small truths are buried inside the logic of each panel. In other words, they seem to be communicating something very specific -- like a game board or an electrical schematic -- with a missing instruction page.
Charneco talks about memory and the collision of technology, community, identity and tangible resources for thinking and learning. She has called her works "clusters of thought-forms" and referred to her methodology a "chunking of concepts."  

What's not to love?

The artist
Islands of Memory is on view through October 24

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