Monday, January 2, 2012

Must read 2012: LEONARDO, A Biographical Novel

Whatever you resolve in the new year, place this exquisite portrayal of Leonardo da Vinci at the top of your 2012 must-read list. A literary event to rival any this year, Leonardo, A Biographical Novel is penetrating, insightful and so genuinely passionate it is quickly becoming one of 2012's breakout edge-of-your-seat reads.

Author Curtis Bill Pepper, a veteran journalist whose accolades include terms as Newsweek's Rome bureau-chief, Vatican correspondent for United Press, six other acclaimed books, numerous essays and a lifetime of research is better equipped than perhaps than anyone writing today to illuminate the complex life of the Renaissance archetype, Leonardo da Vinci.

As a long time resident of Italy (and New York) -- first in Rome, where Pepper and his wife, sculptor Beverly Pepper, were at the center of the country's post-war economic miracle and the era of la dolce vita; and since then in the medieval town of Todi, located about an hour north of Rome -- Pepper has been mining the history of Italian art and culture for over six decades. 

With unprecedented access to the Vatican libraries and other literary sanctuaries, some fifteen years ago Pepper immersed himself in Renaissance politics, patronage and papal intrigue in order to navigate the life and times of Leonardo. The resulting work, a novel based firmly in historical fact, is a stunning and intimate portrait of the conflicted genius whose universal mind formed amid early trauma and a lifetime that straddled torment and bliss. What a spectacular journey.

Don't miss this.

Leonardo, A Biographical Novel is available through Alan C. Hood & Company or by clicking here.                                                                                                        

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